Our Program



Our swim program is made up of three official levels: Learn-to-Swim, Pre-Comp (Green & Gold), and Competitive Club


Welcome to the Morning Star Swim School! The registration process is simple for both new and returning families.

Every swimmer must have an assessment to determine placement before registering. Please come to the LBPOLY pool deck Monday/Wednesday/Friday between 5 – 6pm and ask for Coach Jose or Coach Eddie. We will assess your child’s level, place them in a class and will register them.

Group swim lessons are 30 minutes long with no more than five students per instructor. Pre-Team lessons are 75 minutes long.                

Billing is monthly and the cost for lessons is $75 per month for one day per week and $100 for 3 days per week. Pre-Team costs are $140 per month and are offered on Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

There are no make-ups and we must receive one week written notice to stop the monthly billing. Contact: eddiekim9187@gmail.com

Pre-Comp (Green and Gold):


The Pre-Competitive Program is our developmental group made up of kids of various ages who are just beginning to be introduced to the sport of swimming. The purpose of this level is two-fold. First, we emphasize stroke technique and drill work. The kids may not do many yards, but they will learn to swim with excellent techniques, including starts and turns. Their other main emphasis is fun. The pre-comp coach is instructed to ensure that they learn, but that they enjoy doing it. At this stage, meets are encouraged and some team mandatory meets. 

Competitive Club:


The Competitive group is our age group team made up of two levels- 12/un and 13/up which is the next level for all of our swimmers. Swimmers will move up to the age group team and through the various levels based solely on the recommendation of the coaches. Once the swimmers have begun to participate in meets and have showed steady improvement, they will be moved up to the Age Group Team. Here, they will gradually begin to do more yardage, and the focus will turn to more competitive swimming, including meets. Our goal is to get the swimmers to the level that they can swim in all the “A” level meets, such as Junior Olympics, Sectionals, and CIF Championships. The swimmers will typically progress through the lanes until they reach the top level of the age group. From there, they will be considered for advancement onto the senior team. Age is not a factor on the Age Group Team- development is.